Dorato – Offida Passerina DOCG


Dorato is obtained from a wine made from100% Offida Passerina grapes, flavoured with aniseed. After a period of refining in stainless steel at controlled temperature with addition of fragrances, it rests in bottles for about two months, evolving an intense fragrance of aniseed and a fresh, but sweet and full-bodied taste. Dorato is a regard to the long tradition of the Piceno territory, where the production of aniseed was diffused in the 1800’s giving life to a rich and important industrial production of aniseed liquors and distillates, today products of great excellence in their absolute particularity.

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  • GRAPE VARIETY: Passerina 100%
  • PRODUCTION ZONE: South Marche, Ascoli Piceno Province, municipality of Rotella.
  • SOIL: Medium texture/clay and altered limestone banks.
  • VIGNARDS: Vines grown in espalier training system; 4,000 vines per hectare.
  • CLIMATE: Cold winters with cool springs and dry summers.
  • VINIFICATION: Gentle de-stemming and soft crushing using only first-pressing must, short maceration and draining. Slow fermentation at a temperature of 10° to 18 ° C.
  • AGEING ANO REFINING: In stainless steel at controlled tempe­ratures with incorporation of aromas (aniseed); at rest lor 2 months in bottle.
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Excellent on its own as a digestive or in coffee it is recommended to first savor the chocolate and then sip the wine experiencing the fusion of the flavors.
  • SHELF LIFE: To be drunk preferably within two years.