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La Canosa Agricola - Our Estate

Our Estate

Among imposing mountains and enchanting valleys deep in the heart of the Sibillini National Park, Riccardo Reina fell in love with the Marche region and set up a new ambitious wine project driven by burning, genuine passion.

The estate extends for about 100 hectares, straddling the 43rd parallel, latitude suited to the production of excellent wines. The vineyards proper extend for 30 hectares, right in the heart of the Tesino Valley at the foot of Mount Ascension, a place with a fertile position thanks to temperature variations that guarantee a perfect microclimate for growing vines.

The geological history of the soil can be traced back to that of the Apennine ridge: in general, it is of medium texture, with an alkaline or sub-alkaline reaction and with the presence of altered red limestone banks.

The winery takes its name from Poggio Canoso, one of the four castles in Rotella, a small town in the Ascoli Piceno area, in the southern part of the Marche region in Italy.

Poggio Canoso was built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by the Benedictine monks of Farfa. While the etymon of Poggio (hillock, knoll) it’s clear, due to the castle being perched upon a rocky hillock, the name Canoso apparently comes from the Latin canus (gray/white) or canis (dog), so referencing either the off-white limestone formation or the crouching dog shape of the outcrop underlying the castle. The latter thesis is further supported by the fact that the Poggio Canoso coat-of-arms shows a dog in a proud and defiant pose.

The same passion of the father and founder is now handed down to his daughter Alberica, who infuses new life into the business management.

Poggio La Canosa
La Canosa Agricola - Our philosophy

Our philosophy

The philosophy of La Canosa winery is to produce quality wines using the most advanced technologies, respecting tradition while at the same time adding a modern twist.

Beyond the incredible potential of the land, this is possible thanks only to the passion and dedication of the people who contribute to the winemaking process, day after day.

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