La Canosa Agricola - Our Vineyards
La Canosa Agricola - Our Terroir

On a total of one hundred and ten hectares of the estate, fifty hectares are dedicated to vineyards for the production of both typically local wines and more international ones, making the most of the different exposures, the different altitudes ranging from 350 to almost 600 meters and benefiting from the precious and powerful temperature shift between day and night hours all-year-round.

La Canosa Agricola - Native varieties Montepulciano Passerina Pecorino Sangiovese

The soil is characteristic of the Apennine ridge, limestone and red clay; very mineral, with the perfect balance between magnesium and potassium to facilitate the correct development of the physiological processes of the vine. The higher altitudes correspond to less deep soils, while the lower soils are instead endowed with greater depth and richer in potassium thanks to the prevalence of the clayey fraction. Thus we find Pecorino facing north at about 500 meters, Sangiovese and Passerina facing south up to 580 meters, Montepulciano facing South-East at 450 meters. This ensures that the ripening of the grapes is more balanced and there is as faithful an expression of their terroir as possible.