La Canosa Wild

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If you are looking for a genuine and healthy life worth living, you are in the right place.

Canosa Wild moves away from mass production, from the pursuit of appearing at the expense of being: deep in the serenity of the Marche woodlands, we’re committed to the utmost respect for people's lives and the environment and to the supply of sustainable products with a low carbon footprint.

Here one finally finds an authentic contact with nature, with the food of local tradition and rediscovers that time is better measured in deep breaths, in rhythmic impulses from one's conscience rather than in frantic, elusive minutes and seconds. Connect with yourself and others in a new perspective where inclusivity and diversity are key - every ethnicity, gender and ability - and make this experience a "Wild" philosophy to take home and into everyday life.

The multiple activities based on psychophysical well-being that will soon be organized here at La Canosa will put you in direct contact with the horse, the mountain, the vineyard and a yoga mindset and will center you on the here and now, through meditation and introspection, in harmony with peacefulness of this place.

Food and mind can become our preventive and curative boons, so don't hesitate to join Canosa Wild and look for the [Wild] sticker, the red sticker of healthy values!